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Topuk Plateau

Bicki Plateau in the site Bickiyani in the town Kaynasli is at a 10-km distance to the D-100 highway. And Topuk Plateau has such a fascinating beauty with its pond and vast plateaus that one can not get enough of it. Youth and scouting camps are set up in the plateau and traditional nature hikes are organized by local administrations every year. Angling is possible in the plateau pond. It is possible to reach Abant and Odayeri Plateaus and Samandere Waterfall from the plateau at a height of 1,300 meters above sea level. The plateau at a 15-km distance to Samandere Waterfall has two roads on both sides.

Karduz Plateau

Karduz Plateau is one of the highest hills of Duzce and its neighborhood. It has suitable courses for winter tourism and grass skiing. Blue water of Black Sea can be seen from the plateau at 30-km distance to the town Golyaka. Karduz Festivals are held in the plateau every year.

Kocaplateau, at a 7-km distance to the town Abant, is located in the natural park among Mudurnu forests and Duzce forests. Sportive angling and nature hike can be realized in the plateau at a height of 1,200 meters.

Odayeri Plateau, at a height of 1200 meters and where scout camping is held every year, is at a 28-km distance to the centrum of Duzce. The plateau in Odayeri Forests is one of the plateaus frequently toured with its transportation connecting to Lake Abant in the region. Odayeri Plateau Festivals are held every summer.

Purenli Plateau

There are Lake Eflani and Guzeldere Waterfall on the road to Purenli Plateau at a 28-km distance to the centrum of Duzce. In Purenli Plateau where the enthusiasm of nature is combined with blazonry and water splashes are mixed with sounds of birds, traditional plateau festivals are held by local people. Of them, Buyuk Balikli Plateaus has suitable courses especially for grass skiing. It is possible to get to the Abant region and Odayeri Plateau, Samandere Waterfall and Karduz Plateau from Purenli Plateau having a border with Mudurnu.