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Sogucak Plateau

Sogucak Plateau spread over a 900-quarter of an acre area is at a height of 1,100 meters and a 17-km distance to Sapanca. You can get to the plateau through a journey lasting for 35 minutes by following the road separating to right before arriving the village Erdemli in the direction of the village Sapanca-Muradiye.

The heaviest period is the period of plateau festivals that occur in the second week of July. “Sogucak Plateau Festivals” that has a fair atmosphere with the attendance of local people and citizens coming from nearby provinces lasts one day; but the plateau begins to get full a week before the plateau festivals. In the scope of plateau festivals, bicycle and horse races, karakucak wrestling competitions, folklore shows and folk concerts with the attendance of artists are held.

Tents, a health tent, portable toilets and washstands are pitched up by the Municipality of Sapanca during festivals.

Sultanpinar Plateau

It is at a 45-km distance to Akyazi and on the road to Dokurcun. The road of the village Boztepe is accessed after you turn to right across the village Beldibi in the direction of Akyazi-Dokurcun. Guzlek Plateau, Sultanpinar Plateau, Yorukyeri Plateau, Cicekli Plateau and Acelle Plateau are accessed via the road to Boztepe and Yanik Plateau is accessed via the road to Acella. The distance between the villages Serefiye and Beldibi are 1 kilometer and the distance between Beldibi and Sultanpinar Plateau is 16 kilometers.

Sultanpinar Plateau is located on a vast plains surrounded by a forest. It offers a quite peaceful environment. It has a height of 1,600 meters.

Barbecue facilities, pension and plateau houses are available in the plateau.

Acelle Plateau

It is on 35-40 km south of the town Akyazi. It is possible to get to Akyazi Plateau through a stabilized road by any vehicle. The plateau can be accessed through three different routes. The first one is via Beldibi-Boztepe-Catalkaya. The second one is through the villages Tasburun-Ballikaya-Tasyatak-Hasyatak. And the third route is via Tasburun-Ballikaya-Tasyatak-Yanik Plateau. Some of the three roads are asphalt. The plateau can be reached approximately within 60 minutes from town centrums.

Acelle Plateau has vegetation composed of trees with broad leaves and needle-shaped leaves. There are thickets composed of forest roses and boxes. There are truffles and pleurotus florida mushrooms composed of morils and rovellons. The river Eniste flows at the heart of the plateau. There is a small lake composed of rock masses’ cutting the flow of waters at a width of 3-4 meters and at a length of 60-70 meters called “Buyuk Deniz [Great Sea]” by local people on the river. The width of the channel of the river Eniste reaches 8-10 meters in plain areas and 2 meters in rocky areas in patches. Scaled-fish such as carps and frogs and water skinks live in this river. Festivals are held in the last week of July, generally on the 25-26-27th of July every year in the plateau.

The plateau at a height of 1,500 meters lacks hotels, motels and accommodation facilities such as camping grounds where those from other cities can stay at. Wooden houses are available where local people settle. Around 200-250 tents are pitched up throughout the festival.

Cigdem Plateau

It is in the borders of the town Hendek. The distance between Dokurcun and Cigdem Plateau is 18 km. The villages Dikmen and Cigdem can be accessed via Hendek-Karadere and Cigdem Plateau at a height of 1,500 meters is reached from here.

The plateau where there are attractive houses with architectural buildings has quite pleasant scenery with it vast areas covered with grasses called “heel grass” and small and little-sloped hills. Plateau festivals are held in the second week of July every year in the plateau. Vegetables and fruit grown in the plateau and stockbreeding are introduced and various entertainments are organized during festivals. It is a nice plateau whose access is easy. It has a height of 1,500 meters above sea level.

Karagol Plateau

It is located at the mountains which are extensions of Samanli Mountains on 21 km northeast of Tarakli.

The surrounding of the plateau at a height of 1,200 meters above sea level is completely covered with pine, beech, fir and oak trees. It is a natural treatment center with its area at a width of 567 hectares, air with plentiful oxygen and cold drinking water. The plateau covered with water with the melting of snow in spring has a view of a wonder of nature after waters are completely withdrawn in the second half of April. Bazaars are set up on Fridays every week in the plateau and various festivals are held till the evening on that day. Besides thoroughly wooden houses drawing attention, armored concrete houses have been recently built.

Thousands of nature addicts camp and accommodate here every year.

Trout are produced in Karagol and there are camping grounds having pleasant sceneries around the lake.