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Bolu attracts a great number of domestic and foreign visitors over 300. There are Hasat, Zorpan and Dortdivan Plateaus on 1,200-1,500 km south of Gerede. Belen, Karakoy, Kokez, Bolucekkaya, Karadogan and Devevira plateaus lie on the southern slopes of Koroglu Mountains. Sarikli, Sogucak, Mile, Sepetciler and Ciftcatak plateaus are located on the east of the town Mengen.

Dedeler, Alpagut, Dodurga and Dagyolu Plateaus situated on the north of the town Mudurnu and south of Lake Abant are hidden among greeneries. Gerenozu and Kikik plateaus at a height of 1400 meters around Mount Kiraz are the best choices for trekking and camping.

Some of the most important plateaus of Bolu are introduced below.

Aladag Plateaus

The plateaus on the mountain slopes at 25 km south of Bolu are surrounded by forestry areas. These plateaus with their green plains and stretching forests offer natural environments for touring, resting and long-term camping. The Forest Facilities around the plateaus and Aladag Scouting Camping Ground are among gorgeous beauties.

At Plateau

There are 7 plateaus at a few km distances to each other at a height of 1,150-1,250 meters on 10 km north of Bolu. In these plateaus known especially for their cherry, traditional Cherry Festivals are held every year. On the road to Kartalkaya on the 20 km southeast of Bolu, there are Sarialan Plateaus whose neighborhood hosts 14 plateaus. Visitors find unique areas for camping and having a picnic and hiking in the midst of nature. The pond around Saraycik Plateau forms a fascinating image in the midst of greenery.