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[Health Tourism]


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Turkey is a country of possibilities and opportunities in living healthily and recovering the lost health as well as its properties and beauties. The foreigners looking for a way to remedy their diseases and health problems find more than they expected in Turkey, and they leave our country in a great pleasure at the end of the treatment process because of the fair treatment and the low-costs in comparison to the other places. Many health care establishments in turkey compete with the similar leading establishments of the world from the point of view of service, doctor quality, technical equipment and high standards.

All of the diseases can be successfully interfered with in Turkey. Well-educated and good humored health personnel who can speak foreign language help the guests who visit our country owing to the health tourism, offering the best service, and gain their love and affection. National standardization in our hospitals is provided to a large extent. Besides, we have hospitals which have international standardization (accreditation). Some of the hospitals in Turkey have specialized on certain fields. Thus, it is appropriate to investigate previously the establishments where the guest is going to be treated, according to his/her health problem, and to choose one of them for him/her who is going to visit our country within the context of health tourism.

The health problems are tried to solve via the four factors such as insurance company of the patient, patient, intermediate firm and hospital and after the health service of good quality the guests return their countries regaining their health.

To sum up, in Turkey;

Rapid health service is offered to the patients,
Advanced treatment methods are applied,
The guest satisfaction relating with the treatment applied is high to some extent.
There are lots of health centers fulfilling this duty in touristic places.
The guests pay fewer charges for the health service costs in comparison with the other places.

The protection of health and rehabilitation programs carried out in a positive atmosphere and mild climate conditions are offered for the ones needed rehabilitation treatment and for 3rd group of age. As is known, the rating of the diseases caused by stress and the changes in postural state has increased in the communities of high economical and social levels. The increases in traveling people over 55 years old who are included in 3rd group of age add to the importance of the health in tourism. The health problems of the people shouldn’t prevent them to travel. Because vacation and travel have become indispensable needs for everyone today. The health care services and treatments which the people especially who have chronicle diseases should get have vital importance. These services are offered safely and professionally. Therefore, the people who have a health problem and hesitate to travel can prefer Turkey in a complete peace. They can award themselves with the most beautiful one of the vacations coming to our country alone or with their families and return their countries with significant advantages on health.

The insurance companies gradually restrict the scope of the expenses spent for health uncovering some of the health expenses and don’t pay for them in today’s western world. You can receive these services of good quality, which are very expensive in western countries, reliably, economically and at the proper time in our country.