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The Turkish Republic      

Official Language: Turkish

Capital City: Ankara

The Most Crowded City: Istanbul

Constitution of the State: Republic. Democratic , Secular and Social State of Law

Polity: Parliamentary Democracy

Founder: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

President of the Republic: Abdullah Gul

Prime Minister: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Area: 780.580 km²

Covers: 1.3% of the World’s surface The 36th widest country.

Population: 75.627.384 (2012) - The 17th most crowded country.

Population Density: 86,2 person/km²

National Dates:

23rd April: The Opening of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (1920)
19th May: The Beginning of War of Independence (1919)
30th August: Victory of War of Independence (1922)
29th October: Proclamation of the Republic (1923)

National Income (GNP): 300 billion ABD Dollars (2004) The 21st richest country

Per Capita Income: 4.250 USA Dollars (2004) The 63rd wealthiest country

Currency Unit: Turkish Lira (TL) Turkish Lira since 1st January 2009; the old unit was New Turkish Lira.

Time Zone: EET (UTC+2) - Summer time : EEST (UTC+3)

National Anthem: Istiklal Marsi

National Colors: Red and white

The Internet Domain Name: .tr

Phone Code: +90