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[Endemic Animals]


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“The rooster of Denizli” as a symbol of Denizli is harmonious in terms of its color and habit with its enchanting and long crow. It is a domestic breed famous even in the far cities of Turkey. The rooster of Denizli is a breed emerged as a result of the fact that residents in this area have taken pain over roosters with long crow for a long time.

The eyes of the rooster of Denizli are black and blackened with kohl. Its legs are dark grey or purple, the crest is an axe crest and the auricle is red or white-spotted on red. The usual color is a mixture of black and soiled white. Sometimes, brown is seen on white wing furs. Red roosters have a mixture of black and red. Average alive weight is around 3- 3,5 kg.

The roosters of Denizli are classified in three groups in terms of their colors, habits and crests. According to their colors they are classified in six: Demirkir, Pamukkir, Kınali, Al, Siyah and Kurklu. According to their habits they have 3 kinds: Yuksek Boyun, Sulun and Kupeli. According to their crest shapes they have 2 types: Genis Ibik (wide crest) and Dar Ibik (narrow crest).

The voice of Denizli rooster can be classified according to its tone and clarity. They have three categories in terms of their voice tones: Ince (high-pitced), Davudi (robust) and Kalin Ses (Deep Voice). Davudi voice is between high-pitched voice and deep voice and the only voice close to the deep voice. According to their crowing and their position during crowing they are classified in four: Aslan (lion) Crowing, Kurt (wolf) Crowing, Yigit (brave) Crowing, Pus (haze) Crowing.

A qualified rooster of Denizli has a vivid appearance; legs and neck is long and strong; chest is wide and deep; the tail is upright and sloping towards the head. The same characteristics are available in a chicken as well. The crowing duration of Denizli roosters at the age of one is between 20 and 25 seconds.