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[Endemic Animals]


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Well-known Kangal Dogs of Sivas are the best watchdogs in the world. The primary feature of them that makes them the best is their unique intuitive powers. These dogs immediately feel the malevolence and they only attack malevolent people. They even immediately feel the change from benevolence towards malevolency. ‘Kangal Dogs’ whose roots are Kangal are watchdogs and shepherd dogs in request because of their features such as their being very brave, fast, agile, clever, well grounded in the elements, extremely faithful to their owners and loyal to their duties. Qualities such as intelligence, trustworthiness, carefulness, protectiveness, strength, speed and bravery are in highest levels. They have existed without losing their breed qualities so far as they are the most trustworthy friends of shepherds who live on sheep and their necessities such as care and feeding are easily met. It is the only breed among dog breeds that can show their teeth to wolves.

If you call in the town Kangal in Sivas, you can pay a visit to the farms where these sympathetic and friendly animals are bred.

The breed qualities of Kangal dogs are its nose and mouth structures’ being short and thick and the chin’s being strong. Its teeth are sharp and strong and their lips are loose. Eyes, ears, the area around the mouth and until the upper part of the nose are black. Its roundish and small eyes when compared to its head have a color between gold and brown. The patches around its eyes are black. Its ears are middle-sized triangle-shaped, with round ends and stuck on his head and lop.

The appearance of its head and chest reminds of a lion when looked frontally. The head is big and supported by a strong neck. The body utterly has a square shape. The body is strong, muscular and never plump. The chest is deep until the angle line, the belly is slightly drawn in. The legs are strong. Front legs are stronger than hid legs. Legs are massive, strong and fingers are buckled and black. Its tail is quite high and it is fallen and curled when the dog is relaxed and it is high and curled on its back when it is alerted.

Male dogs are around 50-70 kilograms and bitches are around 40-60 kilograms. Kangal dogs which are among dog breeds in request all over the world easily live in cold climates.