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Among a number of rabbit races, Angora rabbit is the oldest rabbit race known and the only rabbit from whose fleece wool fiber is yielded. It was taken from Anatolia to France and then spread throughout the world. The fleece of Angora rabbit is called ‘Angora’ wool. Angora wool is long, thin, soft, light, bright and favourable to weaving. The clothes made up of this product do not cause any allergic reaction in the body under any circumstances and do not prevent the body from taking air because the inner part of the hairs has medulla. Angora wool does not cause any perspiration on the body thanks to this characteristic, although it gives 7 – 8 times more heat than sheep wool. The clothes made of Angora wool are used especially as children’s clothes. For, children’s clothes should not be heavy, not give high heat and not cause any perspiration and any allergic reaction. All these characteristics can only be found in clothes made of Angora wool. Besides this, clothes made of Angora wool are expensive clothes which are always preferred by adult people, too.

Due to its strong electromagnetic characteristic, Angora wool is used in the manufacture of thermal underclothes worn during physiotherapy especially for rheumatic disorders, for complaints about sciatica and pains of joints, for circulatory disorders, kidney disorders and it is the only product whose success effect in therapy is high. Moreover, Angora wool is successfully used in the manufacture of felt hat, shoes and felt inside shoes because of its high capability of becoming matted.

Angora rabbits are not animals which are not only benefited from its wool. We also benefit from meat, manure, skin, blood and certain internal organs of these animals. Moreover, Angora rabbit is widely bred as a domestic animal abroad, as it is a very cute animal with its quiet and beautiful appearance.

There is little or no Angora rabbit breeding in Turkey, although the homeland of Angora rabbits is Anatolia. However, Angora rabbit breeding is widely done all over the world. Especially China, Chile, France, Germany, Argentina, Brasil, India, Korea and Hungary are the major countries where rabbit wool is produced.