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Approaching Fethiye Gulf, first, Peksimet Island and Kurtoglu Cape with its shallow rocks are seen. Fethiye Port is located on the other side of Kurtoglu Cape. The bays, waiting to be explored are hidden beyond the islands. Fethiye, also has an important marina that looks over the gulf, full od islands. Kizilkuyruk, Kucukkuyruk, Kapi, Camli, Kleopatra, Sarsala, Siralibuk, Tasyaka, Lille, Boynuzbuku bays and Yassica Islands, Gocek Island, Domuz Island and Tersane Island are worth seeing.

The secluded bays around Fethiye Gulf, invites you to explore the secrets of the mythological gods. This area is a paradise for those who want to travel in history.

Fethiye is the favourite of local and foreign tourists. History and nature is enmeshed in Fethiye. The accommodation opportunities are very good. There are numerous historical sites in the environs, including the antique city of Thelmessos. Theatre, fortress, city walls and the numerous rock tombs, including that of King Amyntas are among the sites of attraction.

Calis and Karagozler Beaches are close to Fethiye. It is also possible to depart from Fethiye and cast anchor in the bays. The Bestas Port, Belcegiz Bay, and the amazing Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) with its warm, crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and other water sports should be seen. The pleasure of paragliding from Baba Mountain (1969 m) to the Blue Lagoon is indescribable. Baba Mountain is also both a winter and a summer trekking and camping site. The Byzantine ruins at Gemiler Island is hidden in the pine forests.

An overland trip to Kinik (65 km.s from Fethiye) leads to the vast and untouched ruins of the Lykian capital of antiquity, Xantos. Letoon, was the most important religious center where the triple gods of Lykia’s, Leto, Apollon and Artemis’ sacred spaces and temples were located. In mythology, Apollon is said to be born in Patara, the main port of Lykia, in the south of Letoon and Xantos. Unique and numerous historical sites, and endless pure white beaches, 22 km.s long, render Patara, an ideal choice for all types of water and beach sports.

Kalkan, Kas, Kekova and Finike is on the route from Patara to Finike Gulf. A short trip to the east, going through the small bays, take you to the clean waters of Kalkan. Kalkan is a lovely town on a hill, looking over a small bay. The narrow and circuitous streets filled with gift shops reach the marina with a fascinating view. Every morning, the boats take the tourists to the nearby beaches or small bays. With the sunset, having a drink before dinner, looking at the coming and going yachts, marina and the panoramic view at a roof-top is of Kalkan style. The sea, the sun and the beaches in Kalkan are extremely beautiful.