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The bays between Kusadasi and Gulluk Gulf are the most popular and most touristic coasts of the Aegean Sea. This region is a site of attraction, not only for the sea and the beaches, but also for its proximity to the historical sites.

Kusadasi, is a lively holiday center with its perfect sea-food restaurants, vivid cafeterias, beautiful parks and magnificent beaches. In summers, the town is filled with swimmers, divers, fishermen, history and culture lovers, sun lovers and tourists all over the world. From textiles to leather products, from jewellery to carpets, shopping alternatives are very rich. The nightlife is famous for its bars, jazz clubs, discotheques and cabarets. Kusadasi Marina is one of the most well-equippted marinas, with its dry docking and in water mooring alternatives for the yachts.

Nearby Kusadasi, Ephessus, attracts thousands of tourists every year. With its grandiose architecture, the city dedicated its richness to the goddess Artemis. Artemis Temple was built for her and went through numerous renovations. Artemis Temple was one of the seven wonders of the world. The magnificent antique theatre of the city is still used for concerts and cultural events, even today.

It is believed that Apostle St. John had brought Virgin Mary to Ephesus. In 1967, the modest stone house, where Virgin Mary was believed to spend her last days, was declared to as a sacred place by Vatican.

To the south of Kusadasi, Dilek Peninsula Natural Park, welcomes the yachtsmen to its clear bays and small gulfs. Between the south coast of Kusadasi and Pamukkale, lays the Menderes River Basin. The important centers of the ancient civilizations, such like Priene, Milet, Didim, Aphrodisias and Pamukkale are located in this basin. The Temple of Apollon in Didim was one of the most sacred places of antiquity. The temple has a unique beauty, despite the numerous plunderings and fires.

With its opportunities for resting, swimming, sailing, relaxing and a holiday, Altinkum Beach has a seducing beauty. This is the last stop before entering Gulluk Gulf.

With is beaches, gulfs and bays, Kusadasi Gulf is the opening point of the Aegean shore to the south and southeast. Sailing from Kusadasi to Gulluk Gulf, the boats can anchor in numerous beautiful bays such like Akbuk, Kazikli, Kiyikislacik, Gulluk, Guvercinlik and Torba. The interesting underwater world therein will be of interest to the skin-divers. This region, with its four wide gulfs, with famous and unknown little bays, offer complete holiday alternatives to its visitors. This region also has perfect spots for anchoring. One of the best spots for anchoring is Akbuk, hidden beyond the mountains and forests, with a wonderful view. Tasting wonderful dishes in friendly and sincere environments of the restaurants, on the aftermath of an evening session of skin-diving is an indescribable pleasure.

The fishmonger town of Gulluk, has a lovely port, numerous small hotels and hostels. The mythological Dolphin Man is said to be born in Kiyikislacik (Iasos), at the north of Gulluk.

Leaving this beautiful gulf, Bodrum Peninsula enters into your eye-sight.