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Common to the towns in the Ancient Lykian shores, Kas is also stuck between the sea and the mountains. Kas (in the antiquity, it was named as Antiphellus), exhibits ruins from the ancient settlements. The antique theatre on the Kas peninsula is at a walking distance from Kas.

From Dalyanagzi, Kekova can be reached within an hour of a sea trip. Kekova, “The House of the Sun”, is the name for islands with a beautiful view, numerous bays and ancient cities. Kekova Island has a magnificent surrounding. Settlement is not allowed in the island. These bays are natural peers for all seasons. Here, yachtsmen especially enjoy discovering the untouched nature. On the north end of Kekova Island, in Apollonia, an earthquake changed the land structure, caused the antique structures sink under water and formed sunken cities.

Kalekoy Castle (Simena), enables a bird’s eye-view of the bays, the gulfs and the yachts sailing on the clear waters. Kekova has the blue sky of the Van Gogh paintings, orange sunsets, nights of a thousand stars, serenity, mythological heroes, dolphins, shining sea and even more.

At 25 km.s to the west of Finike, at Demre (Kale), there are numerous rock tombs and a magnificent Roman theatre. Demre was formally named as Myra. St. Nicolas, world famous as Santa Claus, giving presents and making especially the children happy in every new year, was the bishop of this Mediterranean town in the 4th century. He died in 342 in this very city.

Finike is surrounded with citrus and gardens. The orange, named after the town is delicious. The ruins of the beautiful Lykian city, Aricanda are located on the 32nd km. from Finike Marina. A walk to the indepths, award you with an amazing view, magnificent historical ruins and a fresh mountain air.

Sailing around Kirlangic Peninsula, Antalya Gulf is reached. First, the antique city of Olympos, at the south of Tahtali Mountain, welcomes you. Oleander and bay trees, shelter the Olympos Valley. The Valley can be reached, both from the sea and from the land. Nearby Yanartas, at a 300 meters of altitude, the mythological Lykian hero, Bellerphon is said to have killed the Chimaera. The natural gas leaking from the ground, burns at nights and create a mysterious atmosphere. To the north of Olympos, the important commercial port city of antiquity, Phaselis is located. Phaselis was the favourite winter city of Alexander the Great. At the south of the port, the magnificent view of Tahtali Mountain can be seen.

As you sail to the east of Phaselis, you reach Kemer. Kemer an ideal environment, harmonious with the view and offers ideal holiday opportunities. The fully-equipped Park Kemer Marina, has all the facilities necessary for every types of activities. The yachtsmen appreciate the untouched bays and beaches at the south of the town. April is time for the vivid Kemer Festival. Also there are yacht races between Kemer and Girne of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Sailing along the coasts of Antalya also gives the opportunity to see the most modern and luxurious holiday villages of Turkey. Antalya is the most important holiday city in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. In this city, the contrast of the beaches along the coastal line and the rocky and steep hillsides of the Toros Mountains (with an altitude over 3000 meters), are in perfect harmony. The city is named after the Pergamon King, Attalos II (159-138 B. C.). Before the Turkish settlements, the city was named Attalia. The name was changed, first into Adalya, and then Antalya. Today, Antalya is a touristic paradise, with the boulevards lined with palm trees, beautiful parks, historical buildings, monuments, museums and Kaleici. After a voyage in the paradise that the turquoise seas of Turkey are, the beautiful and award-winning Kaleici Turban Marina and Setur Antalya Marina can be reached and all sorts of needs can be satisfied.
There are numerous natural and history
ical sites around Antalya that are worth to be seen.