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1- Inter-Rail Card: Inter Rail-26 and Inter Rail 26+ Cards are sold to passengers under the Inter Rail system. Inter Rail Card grants an unlimited travel right to adults over the age of 26 years and children under the age of 12 years (IR 26+ Card) and young people under the age of 26 years (IR -26 Card) in the 2nd Class and within the time limits specified on the Card (16 and 22 days or 1 month) depending on the purchased card type in the railways of countries that are classified on the basis of 8 geographical regions.

2- Euro Domino Ticket: Euro Domino ticket grants, within its validity period of one month, unlimited travel possibility for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 days to adults (over the age of 26 years) and seniors (over the age of 60 years) in 1st and 2nd Classes and to youngsters (below the age of 26 years) in only 2nd Class for 1 or more railways to be selected among the member European Countries. Children under the age of 12 years travel for the half of adults' fare.

This ticket includes a fixed fare and ticket fares vary depending on the number of days. In this type of ticket, every country detects its prices on its own.

3- Balkan Flexipass: Balkan Flexipass card gives an unlimited travel possibility for a period of 5, 10 or 15 days in the railway routes of the Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and Greece) within its validity period of one month.

Balkan Flexpass Card; Sold from Balkan Countries sale points to the passengers who are older than 26 Balkan as I. and II. Class, to the passengers who are younger than 26 as only II. Class; from the sale points other than the ones in Balkan Countries as only I. class.


Ankara : +90.312.309 05 15 / 336 - 311 06 20
İstanbul : +90.216.348 80 20 / 336 (Bahnhof Haydarpaşa)
+90.212.520 65 75 / 7485 (Bahnhof Sirkeci)

Application for young people and students with respect to TCDD Passenger rates
1- Students: Students of the both official schools in general education degrees of native and foreign countries and private schools which have been approved by public education institutions with same quality and degrees and foreign and native students of University, Faculty, Institute, academy, conservatory and vocational high schools.

2- Round Trip Discount: For the passengers who purchase round-trip tickets for traveling fore and back between any two stations.

3- Group Discount: Without considering the qualifications, a 20% discount is applied for our passengers who travel in group with number of at least 12 or pay fares over this number.

4- Train-Tour rates: It is a transport system providing unlimited travel options for one month to our passengers which is valid on arterial railway trains, sleeping cars and suburban trains. It has two types. .

a) Express Train Tour Card: valid on Super Express (Baskent, Cumhuriyet, Fatih, Erzurum Exp. etc.) Blue Train, express, local express, rail bus and motor trains, normal passenger and suburban trains.

b) Compartment Train-Tour Card: Being valid on trains on which Express Train Tour Card is valid, without considering any class differences, it is valid on couchette, sleeping and covered couchette cars.