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Resembling a still lake, Marmaris Bay is a perfect place for anchoring the yachts. Marmaris, known as Physikos in Antiquity, was an important settlement in the Anatolia-Rhodes-Egypt trade route. Suleiman the Magnificent has built a fortress just beyond the port. The ruins of that fortress is now used as the Marmaris Museum. The mountains surrounding Marmaris are covered with pine forests. The shiny white beaches and rocky coasts separating the greens of the forest from the blue of the sea, offers the visitors the opportunity to skin-dive, snorkel-dive and swim in a relaxing environment.

The yachts and boats in different sizes and types, decorate the beaches of this lovely holiday resort, where thousands of tourists enjoy an entertaining holiday. Surf and water-ski lovers will be excited by the opportunities in Marmaris.

The streets parallel and perpendecular to the peer are the most vivid spots of the night-life. Active entertainment in a lively bar or dancing in a discotheque till the sunrise are ideal ways to end a beautiful day.

There are numerous boutiques and colourful bazaars all over Marmaris. The old town is like a big shopping-center. The streets are closed to the vehicles and are covered by tents. The shops and the counters therein, form a very colourful picture. Quality leather and suede products, silverware, jewellery, brass and agathe objects can be bought from these shops. Carpets, garmets and ornaments as examples of Turkish hand-crafts, are perfect souvenirs. In the area of the old garage, on every Thursday, there is a Peasant Bazaar. In this Bazaar, Marmaris’ famous pine honey, local hand-crafted goods like carpets and rugs, all types of spices and curative herbs, and souvenirs are sold.

Marmaris Marina is one of the biggest and most well-equipped marinas in Turkey; and Marmaris Yat Marina is one of the best marinas for mooring and yacht maintenance. This renders Marmaris as a perfect point of departure for a Blue Voyage in the shores of the Aegean. Marmaris Yacht Charter Show in May, is an important meeting opportunity for the yacht lovers, captains and the crew.

You can enjoy a comfortable voyage in the yacht of your choice and slowly sail to explore the magnificent beauties of the southern coasts of Turkey. The most important stops from Marmaris to Sarigerme are, Dalyan, Kaunos, Koycegiz, Ortanca and Dalaman. Ekincik is an anchoring spot where the breath-taking beauty of the region and the hospitality of the townsmen are impressive. Delikli Island lays at the southeastern shore of Ekincik. Yachtsmen often cast anchor in this island and visit the Dalyan Delta on smaller boats. The long golden sand beach at the end of this delta is a natural shelter and nest for caretta carettas and blue crabs. Magnificent rock tombs are carved into the curves of the river, at the top of the rocks which look over the impressive antique port city of Kaunos. Sailing to the southeast of Delikli Island, Sarigerme, with its beautiful holiday resorts and hills with pine forests is reached. Yachtsmen prefer to cast anchor at Baba Island across the beach.
Gocek Gulf is one of the best yachting spots in the Mediterranean with its fully-equipped marine in the midst of beautiful pine forests. The gulf is encircled with islands and its view is impressive, with the antique city ruins of Arymaksa at its south end and its sky-blue waters. Across the Tersane Island, Byzantine ruins and relics from an Ottoman dockyard are located.