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The General Directorate of Higher Education Loans and Hostels (YURTKUR)       

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The dormitories of the Institution of Higher Education Loans and Hostels are established to provide the students, doing higher education, with the accommodation opportunities.
The Term: It’s open for the indigenous and foreign young people to accommodate between the dates of July15 – September 10.
Beneficiary People: The young people, being between the ages of 18- 24, who have IYHF, IYC and ISIC, if they’re foreign; and identity cards and certificate of birth, if they’re indigenous.
Prices: Getting information previously will be useful. But the prices are fairly economical. The last year’s prices were determined as 2 USA dollars daily bed fee per capita for the organized groups and 3 USA dollars daily bed fee for the individuals coming abroad. From the young people of our country, the fee was taken as the twice as much of the fee of the dormitory, at which they spent the night, according to their coming individually or in groups, and with respect to the quality of the groups. The fees are paid to the administration of the dormitories.
Short Information about the Hostels: The rooms are generally with bunks. The breakfast, meal and the other daily needs are not included by the bed fee; they are paid by the person separately.
Generally the baths and the toilets are outside and communized. The male and female dormitories are in separate bocks but the families can be accommodated together.
In the condition of the facilities of the institution are open for service and in the case of available vacancy.
a) Demanding accommodation as individually or groups, they can apply to the regional directorate where there is regional directorate in the province; otherwise, to the related hostel administration with their identity cards/ official applications, without taking into account the term of accommodation.
b) The people/groups found suitable for accommodation should be in the related dormitory administration until 24.00.
The General Management of Yurtkur
Tel- Exchange : +90.312.430 17 80 (20 Hat)
YIIDB : +90.312.435 60 51
Fax : +90.312.435 72 84- 435 03 29- 435 82 45