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[Masters of Our Culture]

AESOP (620- 560 B.C.)      

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Aesop, who lived between the years of 620 – 560 B.C., is a master who had given people lessons for ages with his 200 fairy tales that reached to our times. According to the ancient sources, Aesop was Phyrigian. He was born in Kutahya in Anatolia, sold to İadmon from Samos as a slave, freed by this person who was affected from his wisdom and then he settled in Athens. While defending the people here; he angered the dictator, Peistratos and he was sentenced to death and thrown from precipice.

He is famous for his fairy tales called as fables in which the protagonists are animals and there are lessons and advices. His tales had been compiled and written after a great amount of time of his death in the years of 300 B.C.