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Travel Cards and Discounts for Young People
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International Hostel Card (IYHF):

It is distributed by associations which are members of International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF).
It provides the opportunity to cheaply stay at 5000 youth hostels in worldwide.
In order to have a hostel card, it is not required to be a student and there is no age limit.
Those who do not have IYHF card are not allowed to stay at hostels during summer months especially when there is great demand.
Hostels are 60- 75 % cheaper than hotels.
In addition to the fact that single and double rooms are available in the hostels, it is possible to stay at dormitories generally with a capacity of 4 and 6 people.
Hostels give youths from different nations the chance to stay together, get acquainted with one another and get closer.
There are sport centers and entertainment centers in many hostels.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC):

It is distributed by associations that are members of International Student Conference (ISTC).
It is the only student identity card valid throughout the world.
It is necessary to have an ISIC card when you go abroad as national student identity cards are not valid abroad.
It is valid between the 1st of January and the 31st of December. It is renewed every year.
It is given to anybody who proves that s/he is a student without any age limitation.
You can benefit from all of the discounts offered to foreign students in the countries you go.
A guide book including discount kinds and rates is given with the card.

International Youth Traveling Card (IYTC):

It is distributed by associations that are members of International Student Travel Conference • Anybody who is up to 26 years old whether s/he is a student or not can have this card.
It is valid for a year since it is received.
It provides discount in various rates in transportation, accommodation, places of entertainment, cultural centers and in shopping.
For getting these cards and for more information you can refer to TURSAB (The Union of Travel Agencies of Turkey).

The Union of Travel Agencies of Turkey (TURSAB)

Dikilitas Asik Kerem St. No: 55- 1
Besiktas 80690 ISTANBUL

Tel: +90.212.259 84 04
Fax: +90.212.259 06 56 / 236 39 78