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The National Park şs located within the district boundaries of Marmaris of the province Mugla. It is 6 km to Mugla.

Red pine (Pinus Brutia) composes the forest of the National Park. Besides, Liquidambar orientalis, plane tree which is peculiar to the region (endemic) can be seen in some part of the region. Furthermore, oak, rough olive tree, figs, sumac, hornbeam, terebinth berry, oleander and Daphne which are actually Mediterranean plants can be seen in the Nationla Park.

The fauna of the park is composed of endangered specy which is chamois; and mammal animals such as bear, lynx, foxes, squirrel, and corn poppy.

Te ancient cities Physkos (Marmaris) and Amos (Hisaronu) is in the National Park. This region was known as Karia Region in ancient times. There are theatre, temple, and some sculpture remainings in Amos. Amos which is a Karia city is surrounded by a city wall remaining from the same period. There are city walls constructed in the Hellenistic period in the ancient city Physkos.

The virgin coasts in the National Park, primarily Heaven Island and other islands are worth seeing. There are recreational and camping areas in the park.


Saklikent is located on a stem of Esen stream within the boujndaries of the district Fethiye of the province Mugla and those of the district Kas of the province Antalya.

Saklikent Canyon which names the National Park and which fascinates the visitors is worth seeing. The speciality of the National Park stems from the Saklikent Canyon which has steep sides which is as mysterious as its name. Furthermore, The plateous at the high altitudes in the National Park must also be seen. Dumanlidag region is excellent with its cedar trees like monuments and wth its viewing point where you can see the wonderfull view over the sea.

There are mostly red pines at the entry of the canyon in the National Park; There are also black pine at the altitudes over 1000 meter especially in the southeast of the National Park; cedar trees like monuments in Dumanlidag in the near vicinity of Dumanlidag. Moreover, this region is the place where cyclamens which is peculiar to the region (endemic) among the bulbous plants grow in Aktez plateou.

It is possible to find hotels, motels and pensions in the city centers of Fethiye and Kas to provide accomodation.