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Munzur Valley National Park located within the provincial boundaries of Tunceli in the Eastern Anatolia is 8 km to Tunceli.

The glacial lakes in the upper altitudes of Mercan Valley, the spring water flowing from the mountains to Ovacik Plain, small waterfalls flowing along the valley are of the attracting points of the National Park. The hills and hillsides are covered with oak forests. The flora of the Valley base is composed of walnut tree, alder, ash tree, plane tree, poplar, willow and bush species. Stiff and steep hillsides are bare.

The fauna of the region is composed of wolves, foxes, bears, hennaed partridge, and chamois, hook horned chamois, bobcat, otter, spotted partridge and rock eagle.

Camping is allowed in the National Park. You can have picnics on daily excursions. You can enjoy activities such as fishing, trekkinng and mountain climbing.