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The Park is 22 km to the district Kadirli of the province Osmaniye in the Mediterrranean Region.

The center of Hittite Empire was Hattusha. However, The Hittites forced to leave this region which was ruined by Coastal state societies in 1200 B.C. and to retreat to back to southeast established a Hittite Kingdom in Karatepe – Aslantas region under the reign of King Asatiwada governing Klikya in the 8th century B.C. The ruins which are the border walls, Karatepe- Aslantaş and which can be seen from Domuztepe across Ceyhan River worth seeing. Especially north – south gates and gate lions are the most interesting ones. The historical artifacts found out in this region are exhibited in the outdoor museum which is in harmony with the modern museum administration approach and these artifacts attract many people. Furthermore, there were settlements during the periods of Roman and Byzantine Empires; and very colorful mosaics have been found out around Pinarozu village.

The flora of the region is composed of red pine, mirage, oak and lemur; the fauna of the region is composed of roe deer, pigs, jackals, rabbits, and foxes, partridges as wild life and catfish and carp in Ceyhan River.

It is possible to have picnic on a daily basis and accommodate in tents and caravans. There are trekking areas around the dam lake.