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Endemic plant species

Geographical features, climate diversity as a result of geographical differences, its being a bridge between three continents provides Anatolia Peninsula with the chance of having a rich spectrum of flora one can hardly encounter While the number of plants in the whole Europe is 12.000, it is 9.000 in Turkey.

With respect to the diversity of plants our country is superior to Europe. Turkey is not only superior to Europe. In (endemic) plants, which grow in a peculiar area or whose homeland is a certain area, but also it is one of the most important areas in the world.

While the number of endemic plants in Europe is 2.750, the number reaches 3.000 in Turkey. The number of endemic plants in Antalya only is 600. The total number of plants in England is 2.000. One of the Mediterranean countries, Spain and former Yugoslavia has 500 endemic plants each.

On the basis of total plant number it is known that Bulgaria has 3.650, Greece has 5.000, Cyprus has 2.000, Syria-Lebanon 3.500, Iraq 4.000, Iran 8.000, France 4.500, Germany 2.500, Italy 5.600, Spain 5.000, Romany 3.400, England 2.000, Hungary 2.214, Iceland 377 and Norway has 1.715 plants.

In Turkey, three provinces which have the highest number of plants are Antalya with 578, Konya with 478 and Icel (Mersin) with 366 plants. As is seen Antalya on its own is richer than some countries such as Spain and old Yugoslavia. It is not difficult to estimate that Icel Province is richer than many European countries with regard to Endemic (and non-endemic) plant diversity. When Icel and Antalya are assessed together it will be realized that they are matchless over European countries.

Apart from Turkey, Greece, which has the highest number of endemic plants in Europe, has 800. Rival country, Italy has 712 endemic plants. Endemic plant number of Japan is 2000 and Switzerland’s is 1.

One of the most important reasons for the plant richness of Turkey is that Anatolia has been a shelter for plants during ice-ages. Turkey lies on the intersection point of 3 different plant areas. These plant areas are Mediterranean Plant Area (includes Mediterranean and Aegean regions), European - Siberia Plant Area (includes Black Sea and Marmora region), Iran -Turan Plant Area (includes Central Anatolia and Easter Anatolia regions).