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The National park is located within the provincial boundaries of Cankiri and Kastamonu in Western Black Sea Region. The National Park is 45 km to Kastamonu and 200 km to Ankara.

The dominant flora of the Park is black pine, Scotch pine, and fir rising from the outskirts of the Mount Ilgaz to the peak of the mountain. The climate conditions formed by the streams flowing all around a year and by the various plants in the region are convenient for the survival of roe deer, deer, wild pigs, wolves, bears, and foxes.

Another important value of the National Park is the opportunity for winter. Visitors coming for skiing first see Ankara Mansion. Furthermore, visitors can have the opportunity for trekking, camping in tents and caravans, as well as for recreational activities.

There are trout production stations and fishing puddles in Baldiran valley within the National Park. Visitors can enjoy angling as sports and can buy fish from the production stations during the period between 15th of June and 15th of September.

Visitors of the National Park can easily find food and beverage facilities as well ass accommodation opportunities in the Park.


The National Park is located within the provincial boundaries of Kastamonu and Bartin in the Black Sea Region. It is one of the untouched places with its wide variety of flora and fauna. The fauna is composed by deer, roe deer, bears, wolves, foxes, jackals, rabbits, wild pigs, different kinds of birds and reptiles.

Ilica Waterfall in Ilica Village, Valla Canyon, Aydos Canyon and Ilgarini Cave are worth seeing. It is possible to find accommodation and food and beverage opportunities in the Park.