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The National Park is located within the district boundaries of Macka of the province Trabzon in the Eastern Black Sea Region.

The Sumela Monastery established for Virgin Mary, with its 300m altitude is very fascinating. It is a very important historical building with the Monastery, chapel, church, and other buildings.

There are rooms, aqueduct, library, kitchen, tanks, and a church in the monastery the entry of which can be provided by long ladders. We should not forget the pool in which the sacred water is accumulated and lots of chapels.

The National Park has a wide variety of flora. The dominant specie of the flora is eastern laden. Furthermore, flora also includes firs, scotch pine, chestnuts, oaks, lime trees, hornbeam, willows, black pine, forest rose, Caucasian honeysuckle. The fauna of the national park covers deer, roe deer, hook horned chamois, bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, and wildcats.

It is in the beginning of April and at the end of October when the National park is visited to a great extend. It is possible to visit the monastery, to walk around and to have picnics within the National park. Moreover, It is possible to accommodate in bungalows in the recreational area in Altindere.