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The National Park located within the provincial boundaries of Nigde, Kayseri and Adana is approximately 15 km to the district Camardi of the province Nigde; and 30 km to the district Yahyali of the province Kayseri.

The streams in the region are appropriate for trout production and sportive angling. The members of the wild life are chamois, lynx, martens and otters.

Aladaglar National Park is actually a geomorphologic outdoor museum. The region has specific climatic characteristics peculiar to the region. The flora of the forest is composed of black pine and red pine. The Alpine zone starts at the top level of the forest. There are Alpine meadows in that zone. Bare rock cliffs can be seen in the Alpine zone and ay the higher altitudes due to the altitude and slope conditions.

There are camping and recreational areas within the National Park, and accommodation can be provided in tents.