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The National park located within the district boundaries of Sarkikaraagac and Yenisarbademli of the province Isparta is 120 km to Isparta.

The flora of the National Park includes cedar forests and bad macqui groups. Amateur climbers can climb up to the Buyuk sivri hill at the altitude of 1840 m. The flora of Kizildag and Beysehir Lake where the National park is located is cedar forests. Fyurthermore, it is possible to see Beysehir Lake from the viewing points. It is worth visiting the traditional Helva (a kind of Turkish dessert) Festival organized by the people of Sarkikaraagac in the National park on Sunday in the second week of July.

It is possible to have picnics and camp in the National park. As the cedar forests produce oxygen, the National Park is a place where you can live healthily. There are bungalows and night clubs for the public use in the National park.


The National park is located within the provincial boundaries of in the Lakes Section of the Mediterranean Region.

Kovada Lake which is the south bill of Egirdir Lake has been formed as a result of the fact that the narrow valley between the lakes has been filled with alluviums. The National Park with the lake fauna composed of fresh water bass, fresh water lobster and carp; and the flora around the lake which is composed of red pine, oak, planes is worth visiting. You can have good times around the lake by trekking in the open air, with its fascinating landscape and with the opportunities of climbing and primitive camping.

Visitors can enjoy the night club in the National Park. Accommodation can be provided with tents and caravans.