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The National park located within the provincial boundaries of Canakkale is at the south end of Gelibolu Peninsula and on the European part of Canakkale Strait.

The places where the Canakkale Sea and Land Wars of the World War I took place are in the Park. Furthermore, hundreds of remaining of sunken ships, guns, shelters, castles and towers as well as the graves and monuments of over 250.000 Turkish martyrs and again over 250.000 Australian, New Zealand, English and French soldiers are in this Park.

Moreover, there are various archeological sites and monuments which date back to 4000 B.C. Beaches, coves, woods mixed with the Mediterranean bushes, fascinating geological and geomorphologic formations, a salt lake, and an interesting cultural heritage covering the military architecture of the 15th century are in this park.

Kilitbahirtas Platform, Seddulbahir War Field, Maeste Cove, Tekke Village, Ertugrul Cove, Ikizler Cove, Hisarlik Hill, Alcı Hill, Zigindere, Kereviz River, Ariburnu, Kaba Tepe, Kanli Sist (Schist with Blood stains), Conkbayiri, Svla plain, Mountain Kakma within Anafartalar War Fields is worth seeing.

It is possible to enjoy the Ecebat Administrative and Visitors Center as well as the recreational areas and night club in the park. Accommodation can be provided with tens and caravans.


The park is located within the district boundaries of Ezine of the province Canakkale and is at the entry of Canakkale Strait.

The city of Trojan which has acquired an international fame for centuries thanks to the mythical stories of wars taking place over ten years between the Trojans and Akas; and which has become eternal thanks to Iliad and Odyssey of the poet Homer are of the main values of the National Park.

The archeologists indicate that the city of Trojan told in Iliad is just one of the 89 ancient civilizations layers. The civilization layer is the well-known and recognized Trojan of Homer.

Canakkale Strait and Aegean coasts are valuable with regard to their suitable beaches.

There is no accommodation facility within the national park. Visitors can accommodate in the district Exine of the province Canakkale around the national park. Furthermore, Gelibolu Peninsula Historical National Park in the north of Trojan National park and Mountain Kaz National Park in the south of Trojan National Park are the alternative areas for the visitors with their historical characteristics and fascinating and unique landscapes.