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Karagol-Sahara national park located within the district boundaries of Savsat of the province Artvin is composed of two sections. These are Karagol platform and Sahara platform. Karagol is located in 45 km north of the district Savsat. Sahara is 17 km to the city center of the sup-province Savsat.

Karagol and the near vicinity of Karagol are surrounded by dense forests composed of laden and softwood. The green areas and the lake combined together compose a fascinating scene. There are some lands bearing the characteristics of grass skiing in the Bagat region and around it.

Sahara platform is one of the limited plains with the altitude of 1700- 1800 meters on a sloppy land. The forest is composed of laden and fir trees. There are plant species of Alpine Zone in Kocabey platform and around that platform.

There is a facility, with capacity of 12 beds, which is used as village night club and which provides accommodation opportunity for the visitors in Karagol section of the National park.


Hatila Valley located within the central district boundaries of the province Artvin and which is one of the main stems of Coruh River is 10 km to the city center of Artvin. General characteristic of Hatila Valley is that it is a recently created valley with a V type and narrow base.

The valley’s structure is rather interesting; waterfalls in the streams, canyons and necks are of the main characteristics of the valley.

The flora is composed of those endemic ones peculiar to the region. The number of those endemic plants is over 500. Hatila Valley has a wide variety of fauna. The most dominant species in the fauna are bears, pigs, foxes, badgers, chamois, weasels, goshawks, eagles, jackals, mountain cocks, Hopa adders and trout.

Hatil Valley which names the National Park and the valleys of the main stems have a wide variety of flora and wild life which all attract the visitors. There are special places for the daily excursions and camping of the visitors within the National park. It is possible to accommodate in tents, caravans and in the facilities which are in harmony with the natural conditions and which is in the type of bungalows.