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The Park is located within the sub-provincial boundaries of Honaz of the province Denizli. Mount Honaz which is the highest point og the Aegean Region and with the altitude of 2528 m. is in the National Park. There are endemic species peculiar to the region in the lower flora in Mount Honaz having a dense flora. The species belonging to Alpine flora is in the higher altitudes of the mountain. The forest is dominantly composed of Red pine, Black pine and juniper.

The flora of the region having a wide variety of wild animal life includes particularly wild pigs, rabbit, foxes, chamois, badgers, weasels.

The region has a wide variety of archeological characteristics. There are many stone graves in the ancient city of Collossea.

There is a recreational area around the sub-province Honaz and one in Cankurtaran; these areas are both provide recreational opportunities for the visitors. It is possible to find accommodation in the closest settlement area of the National park is Honaz and Denizli city center.