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The National Park located within the provincial boundaries of Bursa on the Mountain Uludag in the south of Bursa in the Marmara Region is 34 km. to Bursa. You can reach Uludag by car through the highway which is open both in winters and summers or you can climb up to Sarialan in 20 minutes by cable car with the capacity of 40 people.

Uludag, with 2543 meter altitude, is the highest point of the Marmara Region.

The convenient natural conditions of the National Park give the opportunity of breeding for various animals such as bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, return deers, deers, rabbits, pigs, partridges, wild pigeons, vultures, eagles, kites, night birds, and regulus.

Uludag is covered with snow during the period between December and May. Uludag is one of the most winter sports centers of Turkey with its high grade snow appropriate for skiing thanks to its snow thickness of 3.95 meter. “Bakacak Landscape Viewing Terrace” near Cobankaya is worth seeing.

Cobankaya and Sarıialan are the areas where you can camp and make daily excursions. The Part called “Hotels Region” within the National Park provides the visitors with the opportunity of various activities such as skiing and accommodation. You can accommodate in Sarialan in fixed camping areas (chanties, bungalows) and in tents; however, you can accommodate only in tents in Cobankaya.