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Turkey is a secular country though 99% of the population is Muslims. The rest of the population is composed of those belonging to Judaism and Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Syrian and other religious sects. Everybody has the freedom of religion and belief. No one can be forced to worship, attend religious ceremonies and rituals and to explain religious thoughts as the requirement of the constitution. No one is accused of his religious beliefs and detained from worship.

Religious fanaticism has not been seen in the Turks since they appeared on the scene. Everybody has preferred whatever religion he wants. No one has nursed a grudge or hostility towards foreign nations, their religions and languages, cultures, traditions and customs; on the contrary they have been very respectful and they have never preferred to force other people to convert into their own religion and language. The Turks have applied Islam within a vide framework of toleration and lived in this framework. This understanding has turned into a vast toleration and hospitality having been matured within centuries in the Turks. There are still 236 churches and 34 synagogues available for worshipping throughout the country. It is possible to see the temples of three major religions next to one another especially in Istanbul in many districts as a requirement of a poly-religious society and in a way scarcely seen in other countries.