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The National Park is located within the provincial boundaries of Afyon, Kutahya and Usak in the Central and Western Anatolia bears the memories of the War of Independence of Turkey. This region where the War of Independence which resulted in success surprising the whole world on 26th-30th of August 1922 by Grand Leader Ataturk took place is the characteristic of the Baskomutanlik Historical National Park.

The well watered forest area in Kocatepe and Dumlupinar parts, the special flora peculiar to the region and wild life are of the other values of the National Park.

The areas of War of Kocatepe and Dumlupinar, Martyrdoms, and monuments within the Park as well as the flora are the factors attracting the visitors.

Visitors may have the opportunity to have picnics in the recreational area in Akoren within the National Park. Visitors may have the opportunity to stay in tents around Calköy puddle.