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The National Park located within the district boundaries of Soke and Kusadasi of the province Aydın in the Aegean Region is 28 km. to Kusadasi and 34 km to Soke.

Characteristics: Dilek Peninsula shaped by the Bay of Samsun Mountain into the Aegean Sea has attracting characteristics with its beaches in the shape of sandy, clayey, plane and high coasts.

Particularly the south part of the National Park has the flora rarely seen in the Mediterranean Region. This region is the only place where you can see the flora including almost all the plant species of Mediterranean maquie, the chestnuts peculiar to the North Anatolia forests reaching the south, the snowballs rare in our country, junipers, oak, and cypresses.

The Mediterranean Seal under protection in the Mediterranean countries and flippers can have the opportunity to survive in the coasts of the National Park.

The sacred area near Guzelcamli village at the outskirt of Dilek Hill at the northeast boundary of the National park was used as the convention area of Paionion Confederation which was the political and scientific center of Iona in the 9th and 8th centuries B.C.

It is possible to enjoy the recreational areas swim in the sea. There are night clubs and buffets as well. Accommodation can be provided by tents and caravans.