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The National Park, located within the the sub- provincial boundaries of Edremit of the province of Balikesir, and in the north of Edremit Gulf, is 123 km distant from Canakkale and 92 km. from Balikesir.

Kazdagi housed various civilizations in the ancient; many cities, villages have been established and collapsed on different dates. There are lots of springs all around Kazdagi. There are springs which bare water both in winters and summers even the mountain is in the 1500 m altitude. When the air flowing from the forests of Kazdağları and the iodic and the highly oxygenated air of the sea combine in the Altinoluk Sahinderesi Mountain pass it has the oxygen tent effect. It has been found out that the Region is one of the first three regions with regard to the abundance of oxygen.
Ida Dagi(Kazdagi) is known to be the Mountain of mythology and myths. We can list two Turkish myths which have conveyed the love stories of Sarikiz and Hasan and Emine, and the third myth which tells that the mountain was the place where the first beauty contest was held in the world as a consequence of the fact that Paris gave the Golden Apple to Aphrodite according to the Greek Mythology.

Particularly, the biological variety of the flora of the region is of great importance. In the upper layer, red pine is dominant between the altitudes 600- 700 m. In the upper altitudes, black pine, beeches, fir are the main kinds of trees. It is also possible to see Chestnut tree, oak, alder, Plane. The lower layers are rich regarding the plants such as Erica, Makebate, Blackberry, Ivy and Savory, sage, sumac. The Fauna includes bears, return deer, Wildcat, Otter, Squirrel, Bats, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Gluttons, Martens, Foxes, Wild Pigs, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Hobbies, Partridges, Wood Pigeon, Woodcock, and Trout and carp from the fish.
It is possible to accommodate in tents and caravans on the controlled points to be indicated by the local authorities in the National Park out of the daily picnic areas.

Bird Heaven National Park

The Park is located in the northeast of Manyas Lake within the sub-provincial boundaries of Bandirma of Balikesir in the Marmara Region.

Migrating birds which fly to the countries in the south during the cold days when the winter ends and the spring begins, choose the Bird Heaven National Park as a place to build their nests. They lay their eggs and incubate. Dolly birds are brought forth, are fed, grow in those nests and fly away regions and come back again in the following year.

The water of lakes, food opportunities provided by willow grove and reedy areas, security and shelter opportunities together with the appropriate climate conditions have attracted the migrating birds between Europe and Asia and directed them to this small area and therefore this region has been internationally famous.

It is possible to observe the interesting periods of the lives of birds in the Birds Heaven in March-July and September-October. A wide area can be observed from the observing tower.
It is also possible to find wide range of information about birds, primarily the types of birds living in the park in the museum and administrative center in the National Park. The bird observing tower reconstructed in 2001 is the biggest one among the other towers all around the world. The height of the tower is 17,5 m., the platform of the tower can bear 40 people; furthermore the visitors are provided with binoculars in the tower. There are no accommodation and food facilities in the Park. However, it is possible to accommodate in the hotels in Bandirma, Erdek and Gonen.