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[Traditions and Customs]


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A daily life practice that is quite colorful, very different and interesting has also been formed thanks to the accumulation of thousands of years in Anatolia which has witnessed the life adventure of mankind on earth from its beginning and which has been the threshold and the cradle of many civilizations and an important bridge between continents and civilizations.

In rustic areas, life begins with the sunrise and continues till sunset with all of its vividness. There is certainly a task for everybody, home-folks, whether she/he is an adult or a child, old or young, a woman or a man, within economic activities which are based on agriculture and stockbreeding and within daily life in the village. This life which seems very restful when looked from the outside gains an extraordinary vividness and action during significant incidents such as wedding ceremonies, religious holidays and funerals and because of bazaars and markets that are set on certain days of the week in certain places as well as plateau migrations and festivals, seeing somebody from the village off at the soldiery, pilgrimage or abroad etc. or meeting them when they return and during celebratory ceremonies and festivals such as Nevruz, Hidrellez and vintages.

The family relations and neighborhood relations in Anatolia are very well-knit and solid. Anatolian people often display the best examples of partnership, union and solidarity in grief, happiness, joy and trouble today as in the past ever so often through various occasions.

Customs and conventions, traditions and habits that have reached today since old times have taught certain rights and responsibilities to individuals of the society and family members. Although the changes in socio-economic conditions due to modern life have caused significant changes in habits for daily life and social life, the daily life culture formed by the accumulation of Anatolian people for centuries still maintains its vitality to a great extent.

The daily life in cities is more colored and vivacious and active when compared to the life in rustic areas. Entertainment places, holiday and shopping centers, bazaars and markets, artistic and cultural activities enliven not only day times but also nights. Some entertainment places in touristic areas and big cities serve for the customers till late hours at night, even till the morning.