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Model planes are air vehicles, which do not have the ability to carry human, which are heavier than air, made with specific sizes and that can fly under control or freely. Model plane making and flying is a quite tasteful hobby but it requires patience. There are lots of model plane clubs and members in our country. Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) gives model plane courses under various categories.

Runway of Istanbul Model Plane Club in Omerli is completely asphalt and it has an asphalt pit area. Besides, there is an independent area for Helicopter hover operations. The runway, which has a quite large parking garage, is very close to the city center.


Turkish Aeronautical Association opens continuous courses for students, who apply when schools are closed. Furthermore, it opens Model Plane Guide Teacher Courses for teachers, in order to have educations at aviation clubs in schools. These courses mainly focus on making and flying models that can fly independently. Courses are given with cost / for free at Turkkusu Etimesgut Plants or regionally.