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Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi is a Turkish scholar who managed to fly successfully for the first time in the world. It is known that he lived in the 17th century, and he flew during the reign of Sultan Murat IV, who governed the Ottomans between 1623-1640.

Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi made a primitive model of contemporary air vehicles imitating another Turkish scholar named as Ismail Cevheri. Before his historical flight, Hazarfen carried out experiments in Okmeydani in order to test the strength of the wings he prepared by inspecting the flight of the wings. Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi, jumped down the Galata Tower on the European side flying 3200 meters, watched by a large crowd of people gathered on the shore one morning in year 1636. Passing the Bosphorus, Hazarfen landed in Dogancilar Square in Uskudar,

This flight is a first in terms of being the first intercontinental flight, as well.