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Kursunlu Mosque (Centrum)

The mosque constructed in 1493 has a central plan and a big dome. The two small domes on the sides were removed when being repaired by Haci Ibrahim Agazade Hamdi Bey. During this repair, the leads of the dome were renovated and the niches were embellished with paints brought from Rhodes. The last community place as attached to the mosque in 1900 by Serif Efendi.

Lower Church (Panayia Pirgiotissa Church-Fethiye)

The church that mainly stands was used till modern times. The original wooden leaves of the gate on the northern direction are still displayed in Fethiye Museum.

Upper Church (Taxiarthis Church-Fethiye)

Though exact date of construction is unknown, it is presumed that it was constructed before the Lower Church.

Gemiler Island Churches (Fethiye)

There are four big churches and many chapels among the dense remains dating from the 5th century on Gemiler Island in the village Kaya. The arched tunnel at a length of 80 meters and connecting two big churches on the peak of the island to the church on the eastern direction forms an interesting construction group.