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Aktekke Mosque (Mader-i Mevlana Mosque-Center)

This mosque was built in 1370s in the name of Mevlana’s mother Mumine Hatun, by Alaeddin Ali Bey of Karamanid. "Mader-i Mevlana Mosque and Tomb" or "Mevlevi Tekke" are its other names.

Yunus Emre Mosque (Center)

The kulliye consists of a mosque, a tomb, a zaviye and a hazire compartments. The building was built in 14th century. It is believed that Yunus Emre and his teacher Taptuk Emre were buried here and thus the mosque has this name. The grave stone dating back to 1561 has beautiful ornaments and decorations and is one of the important antiquities of Karamanid Period.

Yunus Emre Tomb (Center)

It is located in Karaman’s center, Kirisci District at the Yunus Emre Mosque junction. The four chests in the tomb belong to Yunus Emre, Taptuk Emre, Yunus Emre’s son Ismail and his daughter. The south part of the tomb is assigned to be Yunus Emre Poem Park

Taskale Mosque (Magara Mosque -Tas Mosque -Taskale)

The mosque is located 50 km away from Karaman, in Taskale district, in a rock-engraving fashion like wheat depots, which has no analogies in Turkey.

Ulu Mosque (Ermenek)

This mosque is located in Ermenek, Yukari Carsi region, in Gulpazar district. This mosque is one of the biggest and oldest buildings in the county that belong to the Karamanid period. It was built in 1302, by Kerimuddin Karaman Bey’s son Mehmet Bey.

Maden City (Binbir Church-Center)

Maden city (Mine City) is a settlement that is located 50 km North of Karaman, at a side of Karadag Mountain. It is established on the remains of historical church known as Binbir Church. The first building at the entrance of the city is the Buyuk Church, which is made of straight cut stone. Canli Church, which is located at the North of the city, is in ruins. In the middle of the city there is a cemetery, which has the feet parts of the graves looking towards Mecca. Maden city is an urban settlement place.

Degle (Center)

There are Byzantine churches (6 churches) that are located at the top hills of Karadag Mountain, in the Degle region. The churches and the epigraphs are in ruins. Degle is one of the places where St. Paul lived.

Derbe (Center)

Derbe is located 27 km away from Karaman, in Ekinozu (Asiran) Village. There are settlement and church ruins. It is thought that this church was built 14 years before Mother Mary Church in Efes and that thus church is the first Christian church built.

Kizil Church (Center)

This church is in Yollarbasi district’s Topraklik region and is in ruins. In the period of Byzantine Empire, Binbir Church and Kizik Church were important worship places of Christians.

Cesmeli Church (Center)

Located in Karaman’s Topucak district, this church was built as a small basilica analogy of Binbir Church, which is located in Karadag Mountain. The establishment date is unknown; however it is thought that this church was built in the period of Byzantine Empire.

Inoglesi Rock Monastery (Ermenek)

This rock monastery is located at Ermenek’s East, at the South-West sides of Yumrutepe Mountain. It belongs to the early periods of Christianity.