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Ulu Mosque and Complex (Ramazanoglu Mosque- Centrum)

It was constructed by Halil Bey, one of the most popular rulers during Ramazanogullari Tribe, in 1507. The complex is composed of a mosque, a lodge (Halil Bey Lodge), a harem room named as the foundation palace and a part reserved for men called Tuz Inn. The mosque is famous for its stone working, colored stones and Iznik tile adornments besides its architecture.

Yag Mosque (Eski [Old] Mosque- Centrum)

It was turned into a mosque by Ramazanoglu Halil Bey in 1501 by constructing attachments to Saint Jacques Church. Piri Mehmet Pasha, the son of Halil Bey, made its minaret constructed in 1525 and the theological school in 1558. It is in the architectural style of Seljuk Ulu Mosque.

Hasanaga Mosque (Centrum)

It was built by Hasanaga (Hasan Kethuda) in 1558 during Piri Mehmet Pasha Period. It is the only example of classical period mosques in Adana.

Hoskadem Mosque (Kozan)

It is understood from the marble that it was constructed by Abdullah Hoskadem, the Memluk commander, in 1448. The mosque having a rather splendid building is in a rectangular plan.