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[Youth Tourism]


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Most of the population in Turkey is constituted by the youth.

Traveling of the young people is one of the effective ways of constituting their individuality, learning new places and life styles, and developing their social intercourses. The youth can enjoy traveling and learning during voyages to the full with the help of tourism.

Creating holiday and entertainment possibilities, being safe, clean and reasonable priced, for the young people and promoting them to join the tourism are accepted among the major duties of both the public body and the private sector in Turkey. As a result of these reasons, the facilities and camping areas, which give the young people, which come abroad or which are indigenous people, the opportunity of having a cheap holiday, carry great importance.

Among the official institutions and associations, which supply the youth with the reasonable priced holiday opportunities, the dormitories related to YURTKUR, the youth camps related to the Youth and the Sport General Directory of the Prime Ministry Office, TUREMs related to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the resting camps in the forests related to the Ministry of the Environment and the Forest have an important place.

The main duty of the YURTKUR Hostels is to provide the students of higher education with the accommodation opportunities during their education. On the other hand, the TUREMs are boarding vocational education centers. These two institutions, outside the education season, present temporary accommodation opportunities to the young people, being indigenous or foreign, during their travels by supplying them with their facilities.

There are also some private institutions and associations, and, efforts and reasonably priced services of some touristic facilities, which apply special charges to the young people, to be able to contribute to the Youth Tourism. For the information about these facilities and their charged services, it can be visited the internet address,,tr of the Ministry of the Culture and Tourism. The information in this section is obtained from the touristic institutions, which informed the ministry to contribute to the Youth Tourism. To avoid from any troubles, it’s convenient to get into communication with the institution and update the information, before going to the facilities.

The young people, who travel for any reasons, in the country and are indigenous or foreign, can benefit from youth-oriented holiday and tourism opportunities providing that they fulfill specific conditions.

The General Rules

1-The accommodation term is limited fort he hosts.
2- Age limitation is applied.
3- The applications should be made to the address and the telephone of the facility directly.
4- The special explanations of the institutions are in the related section.