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Ikigoz Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave located at the nortwest of Catalca District of Istanbul is at the locality of Pinarca that is 55 km. far from Catalca. The cave can be reached easily thanks to the prevalent arrival


Ikigoz Cave gathering the surface waters of the karstik region that lies among Suvatkapi Doline-Dokuzagac Hill- Saklisu and Mekanlarustu Hill is hydrologically semi-active. The cave developed in the direction of north has side branches expanding eastwards and westwards in general. It is possible to see the rocks corroded by the pebble and sand depots in most of the places. The cave has a total length of 4816 m. and its final point is 45 m. above in respect to the entrance. There are debris dolines along the east edge. This shows that underground waters form the springs of Pinarca River.