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Frig Valley Caves

Geographical Location and Arrival

The caves are located at the Inlice Quarter of Ovacik Village which is the last village of Kütahya at the place where the provincial borders of Kutahya, Afyon and Eskisehir intersect and 55 km. far from Kutahya.


There are rock graves carved by humans and hundreds of caves used for the purpose of sheltering on Frig Valley spreading over a large area. This valley had been used by Frigs, and afterwards by Byzantines in 500-600 BC. There are two chapels in first section of rocks. There are frescos and writings written with madder on the walls of these chapels which are called Monobloc and Duobloc Chapels.

Deliktas Castle examining in two parts had been used by Frigs and Byzantines, too. The rocks had been carved for the purposes of sheltering and defending. There is a big chapel here. The rooms inside are connected to each other with hidden passages and corridors. The upper section was carved in the form of castle walls. Third section is another natural castle called Penteser Castle. It was created by carving for the purposes of defending, too. There are various tombs and caves in here. Besides, the natural structure of the caves on this valley covered with pine tree forest is almost as beautiful as Urgup.