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Mencilis Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

Mencilis Cave situated in Bulak Village in Safranbolu District of Karabuk is located at the starting point of Manastir Hill and Cave River which is at 10 km. northwest of Safranbolu. The cave is reached from Safranbolu and Karabuk.


The total length of the cave is 6052 m. and the height of the final point is 281 m in respect to the entrance. Mencilis Cave which is a spring located cave consisting of active and fossilized sections has developed horizontally. The cave including three storeys connected with each other has an interesting formation and development characteristic. There is a spring and a cave that provides the water need of Safranbolu underneath the cave and a middle storey completed partially its development is situated above that. There are stalagmites, stalactites, pillars and wall and drapery dripstones inside the middle storey. Because of the fact that it is extremely close to Bulak Village and Safranbolu, and that there are natural beauties and preserved authentic constructions inside and around of the cave the attractiveness of the Mencilis Cave increases.