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Calkoy Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is situated in the Calkoy Village of Duzkoy.


The entrance section of the cave has the height of a man. After the first 150 m. stalactites and stalagmites are seen. The cave is extremely long and the exact length is unknown. It is known that there is a river inside the cave. The cave has partially wide and partially narrow sections. There is a castle set on a dominant hill situated at the upper side of the cave spreads out beneath one.

Akarsu Village Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is located within the borders of Akarsu Village of Macka.


It is a big cave. It appears that the cave had been used as a settlement place. It is said that there are 72 chambers inside the cave according to the rumors. Great deal of stalactites and water pools inside the cave were found. No extensional research had been carried on yet.