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Buzluk Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is located at the northeast of historic Harput District that is 12 km. far from Elazıg Province. It is situated on a hill from where one can watch the unique panoramic view of Keban Dam Lake.


Because of the climatologic conditions and air circulation emanating from its geomorphologic structure of Buzluk Cave, ice is formed in the shape of layers, stalactites and stalagmites inside it in summer months, and on the contrary no ice formation occurs and the air inside is hotter than the air outside in winter months. The local people believe that the ice formed inside the cave cures some diseases. The cave formed possibly by the rocks around piling up onto each other successively after a great collusion in the region is interesting. The field around the cave is suitable for tree plantation and could be utilized as promenade.

It is known that the establishment date of Buzluk Cave is older than the establishment date of Harput which extends to Urartus.