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Oylat Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is located at 1 km. south of Hilmiye Village which is 17 km. far from Inegol. The cave can be reached via the road branching to Oylat Thermal Spring from Inegol-Ankara highway.


The total length of the cave composed of the two interconnected storeys is 665 m. The cave with a meandered profile can be divided to two sections in respect of the development properties. The first section is composed of narrow galleries starting from the entrance to the end of the debris saloon. The height of the ceiling of this section which is between 2-5 meters is about 15 m. The cauldrons and dripstone pools take up too much space here. Pebble storages (in the form of terrace) with a thickness of 4-5 m. and polished surfaces also can be seen. The second section is composed of a debris saloon. The width of this saloon which has a height difference of 93 m. between the beginning and the end-point is 25-55 m. and the height of its ceiling is 3-15 m. There are pebbles, sand and clay layers in the last upper part of the saloon consisting of large blocks and gigantic dripstone formations (stalactite, stalagmite and pillar).

A wide range of animal groups live in Oylat Cave which consists of separate development and meteorological properties. There are bats, thousand-footed animals, butterflies, worms and guanobis among them. There is a noticeable wind in the narrow gallery and passages of the cave. While the temperature is 29ºC and humidity percentage is 47% at the front side of the cave, it is 19ºC and the humidity percentage is 55% at the entrance; it is 17ºC and the humidity percentage is 78% at the narrow gallery; it is 14ºC and the humidity percentage is 90 % at the debris saloons.

Ayvaini Cave

Geographical Location and Access

Ayvaini Cave located at the south of Uluabat Lake has two entrances. The first one is situated at the vicinity of Kazanpinar in Mustafakemalpasa, and the other one is nearby Ayvakoy of Nilufer District, where the underground waters come out to the surface of earth. Old road connecting Bursa to Mustafakemalpasa passes close to the cave. Ayvaini Cave can be reached by this way, it is also possible to go there using Bursa-Balıkesir-İzmir road passing by the north of it. The arrival is very easy and the natural environment of it is gorgeous.


Except for the entrance section, the cave is horizontally developed. There is a vertical downward descend of 17 m. just at the entrance of the cave. It has two mouths.

The cave can be entered from one point (Doğanalani) and left from another mouth. Ayvaini Cave is the longest cave of South Marmara Region, and covered with spectacular dripstones (stalactite, stalagmite, dripstones on wall, watery dripstone pools) interesting in appearance and lakes. The lakes are shallow in spring months despite the waters rise.