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Gurcuoluk Cave

Geographical Location and Access

Gurcuoluk Cave is located at 10 km southeast of Amasra District of Bartin Province, at the edge of a ridge that separates the two big dolines from each other at 2 km east of Makaraci Village in the locality of Golleryazi on a vast karstic plateau. The cave can be reached by following the turns of İnpiri and Karakacak Villages which is situated on Cakraz-Bozkoy highway. It is necessary to walk along 3-4 km sometimes through the forest and sometimes along a pathway in order to reach the cave.


Gurcuoluk cave with a total length of 169 m. and a deepest point of -5 m. developed horizontally and is a fossilized cave in a passage position. It is composed of about 15-20 chambers surrounding an inclined middle chamber having dimensions of 2-3 m. in height, 3-4 m. in width and 4-5 m. in length after the main triangular entrance. The first chamber is approximately at the size of 6x7 m. and is a colorful world with its stalagmites and stalactites. The chambers, big and little, situated in the direction of east, north and northeast of here, are also adorned with stalagmites and stalactites. While the chambers at the upper level can be passed through from one of these chambers, it is also possible to exit to the earth surface from another chamber going through the ground level via a passage in which only a human can fit.

The temperature inside the cave is quite cold, and the respiratory problems may be faced with as the amount of carbon dioxide is high. It is said that it may be one of the possible caves which the asthma patients look for cure with this property.

Inside of the cave is covered with stalagmite, stalactite, pillar, wall and drapery dripstones. There is also a thick layer of dissolution and accumulation soil on the floor, especially in the east entrance gallery. The most part of the soil there was fossilized. The cave has completed its development but the formation inside the cave continues. However Gurcuoluk Cave maintains its attraction through its gorgeous dripstones and easement of arrival and natural environment beauty.