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Sirtlanini Cave

Geographical Location and Access

The cave is located between Upper Camarasi and Narligedik Villages of Karacasu sub-district. The cave can be reached from both of the villages. It is closer with a walk of 20-25 minutes from Narligedik village. The cave is close to the Aphrodisias ruins.


The deepest point of the cave with a total length of 348 m (Main Gallery: 147 m.) is at -32 m in respect to the entrance. It is a horizontal and dry cave. The cave starts with a very narrow mouth. After 4-5th meters the main entrance of the cave is reached. The saloon is divided into 5-6 sections by the pillars developed side by side and then become walls. All of the chambers connected to this saloon are adorned with stalactites, stalagmites and pillars. While the outside temperature is 28ºC and the relative humidity is 44%, the temperature inside the cave is 17ºC and the humidity amount is 85%.

Karaca Cave

Geographical Location and Access

It is in Kusadasi District of Aydın Province.


It has a passive cave structure. As the cave is passive, there aren’t any rivers or creeks present inside the cave. However, the waters dripping from the cracks on the ceiling helped the formation of various dripstones. There are also some travertine pools and a few small ponds present inside the cave. There is no significant air circulation inside the cave. The humidity level of the cave air tends to increase relatively while proceeding inside from the mouth of the cave.