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[The oldest wooden furniture in the world !]


Gordion, near Polatli in Ankara was the capital of Frigia which was an important civilisation in Anatolia. In the cemetery of Midas, the legendary Frigian king with donkey ears who died in 696 B.C. in Gordion, the oldest and best preserved wooden furniture in the World was found. The wooden mauseloum was made by wood piling technic with 800 years old spruce, juniper, yew that are cut from around. The wood that form the most magnificent tumulus of the world with 55m height and 300m calibre covered by soil, still keeps how it has reached today a secret without being rotten for 2700 years.

Speaking of Gordion, one has to mention the knot of Gordion and legends about Midas.

The famous Gordion knot, tied by the father of King Midas and announced that the one who solves it would rule the world, was solved by Alexander the Great in 334 B.C. by cutting with his sword.

Among the legends told about King Midas are the ones where his ears were turned into donkey ears because he, as an arbitrar, did not choose Apollon as the first in the music contest, where he wished everything he touched to be turned into gold upon Odiseus telling that whatever he wished would come true because of a favor he did and where he notices his mistake when he could not eat or drink anything and his life was turned upside down and he begged to return to before.