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[The firsts of Christianism in Anatolia !]


Many important events regarding the birth and spread of Christianism has taken place in Turkey. Saint Pierre Church, built by closing the front of a natural cave 2km. away from Antakya is accpted as the first church and patriarchate of Christianship on the World. The name Christian was given to people who believed in Jesus first here. St John, St Paul and St Peter of 12 apostles of Jesus had arrived in Anatolia and tried to spread their religion.It is believed that St John of the apostles has brought Virgin Mary to Ephesos after the death of Jesus. The balanced stone house that Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her last days have been announced as sacred area by Vatican in 1967.The 7 sacred churces that tale place in the last revelation book of Bible are in Ephesus, Izmir (Smyrna), Bergama (Pergamum), Akhisar-Manisa (Thyateira), Sart-Salihli-Manisa (Sardes), Alasehir-Manisa (Philadelphia) and Eskihisar-Denizli (Iaodicea) are in Anatolia.