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[The associate masterpieces of nature and mankind!]


In no other place in the world did the nature and mankind come together to form such interesting and splendid masterpieces as in Capadoccia region in the middle of Anatolia. The interesting and extraordinary rock shapes, named as chimney rocks; hills, valleys that stretch in the area, formed by the tufas composed by the lavas sprayed from volcanic Erciyes and Hasan Mountains being worn off by wind and water makes you think that you are in another planet. It is best to watch this fascinating scenery that scatters around thousands of squaremeters with bird’s eye view. This is provided by the widespread baloon tours in the region.

One also has to give credit to the unique and surprising human artistry and creativity in the region. People have carved houses, buildings, churches and storages in these rocks utilising the tufa soil structure which is easily carved and processed but hardened when contacted with air.

In order to protect themselves of enemy attacks, starting from thousands of years before, hundreds of underground cities of 7-8 floors have been built where ten thousands of people could hide with their animals. These associate masterpieces of nature and human kind have been taken to the World Heritage List as a natural and cultural heritage.